Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I have been Letterboxing lately!

Yes we are in a cemetary! It is a popular place to hide a your letterbox! This is one of our first outings and it was so much fun! Our little group was started by a mutual friend, Bonnie, she has been letterboxing for a long time and showed us the ropes. If you are interested in doing this with a group, family or on your own check out the website below. I am now up to 80 finds and working on my first plant, that is lingo for I found 80 letterboxes and working on carving my first stamp hide so others can find it later.  My trail name is Rho's Place and would love for you to take a peek at letterboxing if you get a moment!  It's a chance to get out and have a day of hunting for buried treasure.  Let me know what you think of this.
Thank you for stopping by,


  1. I wanna go! That sounds like so much fun....hmm...gota find some days to take off work!

  2. So much fun, especially when the weather is nice and cool. Yuki

  3. Now, letterboxing should be a school sport with so many facets of learning packed into one activity! Great excitement for you to be carving your first letter. Put it on your blog when you are finished.
    Keep Looking UP!