Thursday, March 31, 2011

All Handmade Projects...

 This caught my eye first! What a wondeful way to spruce up an old lampshade.
 She has such a awesome way to make a simple box a treasure!
Another booth I just loved! These were all paper crafts. So much fun to alter, and make works of art!

So many things to look at, which way do I go?

 The flowers were so pretty, but such a dramatic flair for your yard, I really wanted one too~
 Now a crate of glass door knobs is so cool, but a house to go with them would be even better~
 They said you can find anything here, and after looking all day, I can now believe that!
Another thing I collect and wanted to take this one home, but I did find an old printers tray to haul home~

Sunday, March 27, 2011

First Stop of the Day!

 This was a wonderful booth to start our day off! Totally French venue was an eye candy dream, plus the owners were very nice to a newbie! They had some cool vases with paper flowers, ribbon shades that made you want to buy them all, and everything was displayed to the best effect! Very pretty and chic~

Don't forget to click on the pictures to enlarge them to get a better view at all the items on the table too!

Warrenton or bust!

Thanks to Lisa, I had a chance to see things I never would of believed existed! This was the Big Top, Mega, Huge Show! This is Warrenton and all the shows that take place there two times a year!!! It was Junque, Antiques, Fleamarket, and more all rolled into one fun, unbelievable and totally awesome day!!! I am still overwhelmed, can't remember what I saw, so taking pictures with the vendors permission is what I recommend. I so wish we could of spent the night, too much to see in one day. I will add pictures for the next couple of many to sort through too! Show ends April 3rd, try to go and see this amazing place if not they will be back in the fall. This was at the Blog Party hosted by Theresa. New friends to add to my bloglist!

See new friends!

Susie, Lezlee, Suzette, Charlotte, Sherri, Donna, and Pat! Fun group of Gals~ So good to meet them and get some shopping pointers! Thanks~

We made it...I think?

What? This town only has a population of 77? How can that be when everyone is here, right? Well this sleepy little town has been woken up and is ready to party!  We could not count the cars going by or the people we met as we walked into all the shops! It was fabulous to start our day like this, we knew we had made it when we met a group of ladies that were already packed to the gills in three cars this is at 10 in the morning!!! (Later we met up with one at the blog party...small world!)

More Bluebonnets....too pretty!

It was too pretty not to stop and stroll through and see all the wonderful flowers! Lisa and I made the most of the wonderful weather and snapped tons of pictures here before we headed for Roundtop!

Bluebonnets anyone?

I was so happy to start my road trip to Roundtop! The first stop was at Buckeyes for breakfast and a sneak peak of all the wonderful wildflowers all along the Hyw 10! But when I turned off to La Grange, Lisa found the best cemeteries to stop and get some photos and see how old some of the stones were. I am a pro at cemeteries, letterboxing is a historical goldmine in cemeteries. So this was a fun stop and maybe a future site for me to come back to!  But add bluebonnets to the mix and see what beauty you get. This is one of my favorite pictures on the trip. This was taken very early in the day, overcast and very cool. Super nice day!