Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My long lost friend from Washington!

I have been playing catch up with pictures since my computer has been rebuilt by a wonderful IT guy! So, I decided to go back and forth in time and see as many of them as I can.  This was taken last Oct, and I met her in Austin on her layover from Seattle. It wasn't nearly long enough, but we went for a long walk on Lady Bird lake, nice fall weather and beautiful leaves that we both thought just made the walk that much prettier!  We haven't seen each other in years, but it seems just like yesterday when we met for the first time in Bitburg, Germany in the basement of our apartment complex.  Those were the days, huh Jen? I so miss traveling together with our Volksmarch group of friends. Well at least our friendship will always endure the tests of time!

Here I caught her taking pictures of the changing colors of the leaves.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

An older tag from TT class, it was a fun tag, lots of techniques to do to get this look! I still have trouble with the snow cap dabber, its the first generation and it doesn't work as well as the new formula, just did not want to buy anther one yet.  So my stamped image just fades instead of pops! I love how we used two colors of the dabbers and got this unique antique look to the bird in flight.  First we used the aqua or pool, I used them both to get that shaded look. Then after that dried, we applied the espresso to the whole bird, but I did not like it quite so dark, so I only hit the areas you see here with espresso to give it the depth of colors. Then to make some shimmer, I smeared some antique linen stickles to the whole bird!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Totally Tim Tags update!

Here is one of the tags we did in our class with Jennie and Carrie! We always have fun and learn something new.  Plus we can always tweak the main idea and we do!  It is a very creative class for all who come. Don't you just love the gear die!

Moved slideshow to bottom of blog~

Just updated my look, and needed more space for slideshow, so look at the bottom of the blog for the new pictures I posted on it. Click of view to see pictures full size.
Thank you,
I am the second child from the left.

Going to Luchenbach Texas anyone?

This isn't a sight you see everyday! Just wanted to share another photo from my travels. This was taken on the same weekend as the one from Fredricksburg.  And another red letter letterboxing day. This one was a hard one to get to with all the visitors milling around.  But this was the first thing I saw coming into Luchenbach. The general store and old post office, was a treat, just like walking back in time. I bought my postcards and asked the man ringing up my order if he could mail them for me, he winked and said we haven't been an official post office for over 30 years, but for a purty gal like you I will send them off for you! He was quite a character and I can see why he still works there after all these years. Also, if you are looking for an air conditioned place to stop and rest, well there isn't any here! And it was very hot. They really sold allot of beer when I stopped at the bar to listen to some good old country music. Hanging from the bar ceiling were boots from Waylon and Willie! It was so much fun to drive all the back roads of Texas. You never know when something will catch your eye and have to stop to see what is there.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Tag update!

This is a card front for a gift tag. I made this for a friends birthday. This is done with Tim Holtz products and techniques. I love all his stuff and need to really buget this time on all the buying sprees! I also used Sizzix folder, distress misters with very pretty shimmers. I hope you like it, let me know!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Quick getaway to Fredricksburg Texas~

I have to tell you that this is the coolest place around! I actually decided to get away and spend some time on my own and did I mention Letterboxing too! Well, you can't go here and not pick up some wonderful carves!  I did find some of my favorite carvers here and so glad I came, even if the humidity almost did me in.
It is so pretty here and so many friendly people to talk to.  The visitors center is great for finding new and old places to discover. The man in charge was very helpful and tried to get me to go to some new wineries. I did find one I really liked, will go back there next time I am in town. This picture is from Main street and just called to me. I thought is was a great gate, but the vines really made the picture, don't you think? More to come in the next few days....stay tuned!

I know it's been a awhile....thanks for hanging in there with me!

Hi Everyone!
I have had so many problems with my computer...I know allot of you understand this. So, it finally crashed last week and now I am rebuilt with lots of hard drive and lots of tips from my new IT guy that was such a blessing in disguise! He not only saved all my pictures, which was truly a feat, but all my documents, and sadly my software is in cyber heaven!
I will try to post more pictures of some wonderful classes I have taken since last I posted! Hopefully, no more errors or freeze ups!!! Be back soon! Thank you new followers, hope you will be able to see some cool tags soon!