Sunday, March 27, 2011

Warrenton or bust!

Thanks to Lisa, I had a chance to see things I never would of believed existed! This was the Big Top, Mega, Huge Show! This is Warrenton and all the shows that take place there two times a year!!! It was Junque, Antiques, Fleamarket, and more all rolled into one fun, unbelievable and totally awesome day!!! I am still overwhelmed, can't remember what I saw, so taking pictures with the vendors permission is what I recommend. I so wish we could of spent the night, too much to see in one day. I will add pictures for the next couple of many to sort through too! Show ends April 3rd, try to go and see this amazing place if not they will be back in the fall. This was at the Blog Party hosted by Theresa. New friends to add to my bloglist!


  1. It was so much fun! So glad you went with me! I am already lloking forward to foing again in the fall!

  2. Such fun, So glad I got to meet you, and can't wait to meet up again.

    I'm gonna snag your photo for my blog. Thx,


  3. Aww, hey new friend! it was so cool to meet a blogger as soon as we got to Round Top! I am heading to follow your blog, too!

  4. Rho Love it was the SWEETEST of PLEASURES to meet you....I have my fingers & toes crossed you'll be able to make it back for the September Show....It's HOT but it's JUST as much fun....hahahahaha....!!

    I'm looking forward to sharing your adventures between now & then....!

    I hope you've had a FAB weekend....!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)

  5. that's what I call a money shot! Looks like they've got us corralled...which we probably need to be!
    P.S. Like Margo...I'm so stealing...I mean borrowing this photo. It's a doozie!