Saturday, July 09, 2011

New babies.....hungry babies~

This happens every year at my house! And I wait to see how many will be born each time....they come back to the same place to lay their eggs every year! I wonder how they remember which house it is?  But something happened to the old nest on the other side of my porch, which I tried not to let happen, but the brown birds confiscated the nest before the swallows got here!  So mama and papa had to build a new on in a hurry, that is why this one is so small and not really finished....I thought the eggs would fall from the bottom.  Obviously from the picture they are terrific builders.....but a bit messy with mud flung everywhere in their haste to bring the new ones into the world. They are so cute to watch in the morning when its feeding time....the biggest gets the most I noticed, but when its time to fly, the biggest might not be the first out of the nest!
Because I  have watched this process for 3 years now, they tend to have two sets of babies!  This is the first set born here in June, now I am watching 4 babies born last week.  I had to knock down this nest because of the mess they made by my front door.  They had the second of set babies in the old nest. I hope they had housekeeping come in after the brown birds......LOL. 

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