Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Crazy for Tim Holtz tags!

I just started taking classes at our scrapbook store who loves Tim Holtz stuff, as much as I do. Last weekend it was Christmas in July and we made 6 of his special tags. Of course I was late, not only that the teacher noticed too and called me by name. But, it was okay, I just had to play catch up and boy did I. I sat with 3 wonderful ladies, and they helped me get caught up and we had fun! See there is a reason why I needed to be late, if not I might not of met them. Anyway, we were learning some fun techniques, blending, stamping, embossing, and using alcohol inks. It was turning into some very spectacular works of art if I do say so myself. Everyone worked on the same thing, but no two were alike. There are some very talented ladies in this class. I had so much fun and I won a great door prize too~


  1. The tags look great! I LOVE Tim Holtz's stuff!!! My next little purchase will be the tiny attacher/stapler :)

  2. Thanks Barb, I love your site, you inspire me to keep blogging! I just love TH stuff!