Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lets get motivated! Start with you.

Everyday, we think, I will get to that, but we don't. Why do we put that thought in our heads when we know it won't happen. Guilt, things piling up, or just too many irons in the fire? All of the above, but we need to start somewhere. I decided to listen to my doctor and go for a walk. First, I need to do it, and by the time I am done I feel better. Then, I can sort out my day to make it work for me. I feel that way with about stamping, I need to take a walk from it and then come back and it all makes sense! I was just telling a friend that I start cleaning my stamp room when I feel overwhelmed, but now I see that is just a way to come up with ideas. Like finding a treasure box of things I haven't even used. Then, the light comes on and I use something I found in the cleaning process. I know you understand all this, so give me some tips on how you find inspiration, when it seems there is none to be found.
Have a great day!

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