Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Going to Luchenbach Texas anyone?

This isn't a sight you see everyday! Just wanted to share another photo from my travels. This was taken on the same weekend as the one from Fredricksburg.  And another red letter letterboxing day. This one was a hard one to get to with all the visitors milling around.  But this was the first thing I saw coming into Luchenbach. The general store and old post office, was a treat, just like walking back in time. I bought my postcards and asked the man ringing up my order if he could mail them for me, he winked and said we haven't been an official post office for over 30 years, but for a purty gal like you I will send them off for you! He was quite a character and I can see why he still works there after all these years. Also, if you are looking for an air conditioned place to stop and rest, well there isn't any here! And it was very hot. They really sold allot of beer when I stopped at the bar to listen to some good old country music. Hanging from the bar ceiling were boots from Waylon and Willie! It was so much fun to drive all the back roads of Texas. You never know when something will catch your eye and have to stop to see what is there.

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