Friday, August 13, 2010

I know it's been a awhile....thanks for hanging in there with me!

Hi Everyone!
I have had so many problems with my computer...I know allot of you understand this. So, it finally crashed last week and now I am rebuilt with lots of hard drive and lots of tips from my new IT guy that was such a blessing in disguise! He not only saved all my pictures, which was truly a feat, but all my documents, and sadly my software is in cyber heaven!
I will try to post more pictures of some wonderful classes I have taken since last I posted! Hopefully, no more errors or freeze ups!!! Be back soon! Thank you new followers, hope you will be able to see some cool tags soon!

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  1. How did we ever survive without computers!? My laptop is like a part of me. I take it everywhere I can. So glad you are up and running once again AND you have enough hard disk space to store lots of everything. :}