Friday, August 13, 2010

Quick getaway to Fredricksburg Texas~

I have to tell you that this is the coolest place around! I actually decided to get away and spend some time on my own and did I mention Letterboxing too! Well, you can't go here and not pick up some wonderful carves!  I did find some of my favorite carvers here and so glad I came, even if the humidity almost did me in.
It is so pretty here and so many friendly people to talk to.  The visitors center is great for finding new and old places to discover. The man in charge was very helpful and tried to get me to go to some new wineries. I did find one I really liked, will go back there next time I am in town. This picture is from Main street and just called to me. I thought is was a great gate, but the vines really made the picture, don't you think? More to come in the next few days....stay tuned!


  1. that looks like a cool time I wanna go!!!!

  2. Love your photo of the gate! It wouldn't be the same without all the vines that's for sure.